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Lol it's hard to try to post frequently here in LJ anymore, coz Im too hooked with Tumblr ^^;
But anyway, meybe I can use LJ as kinda longer personal story or rants or whatsoever.
Today or more likely right now, Im in Numerical Methods class, and lol we are on Muller's Method, I dont know he made a method other than play football for GER xDD

Later on, in 5:30 I'll have my first midtest in this semester, hope i can nail it, /praying hard
so yeah, wish me luck ;D


Sleepy? and craziness xD

~Still in love with Yevgeny (Zhenya) Plushenko ♥ lol

Ok, these weeks were pretty weird.....well my body was (is)  >.< I sleep at my usual 'bedtime' err around 12? 1? lol, but never feel so sleepy during noon/afternoon. However, these weeks my body seems weak and have no energy at all, if this happened when I'm in college then it's fine :D but I feel so bad coz it happened on the weekend as well. Why so guilty? Well weekend is definitely family times right, so we usually off to shopping malls or sumthing like that to have fun, and while I was so sleepy that my face looked like >> /___\
the sight was not pretty.... o_0

So my parents thought that I was in bad mood while I was with them...which is NOT TRUE!! TT^TT
I really have no idea whyyyyy :(( maybe because I dont get enought nutrient..er...for energy? (wth? I ate enough!) My dad suggest me to eat fruits again (coz nowdays I keep forgettin eat one).

While my mom told me to sleep early...eeehhh! but I dont wanna.... :(( though I know that's maybe the best advice... xDD but oh well...I'll try... *sigh*

Now off to Craziness.... XD
The reason why I love Zhenya, it's defintiely because of his performance....err...and his personality :D 
FINE! His looks as well..psh! -___-"
But seriously though :P his looks is not my numero uno reason for loving him =D
Try to search on youtube about his 'Sex Bomb" and "Asissay" =)) those are the epic performance of him hahhahhahahaha That's what I called craziness........in  a good way =)

Sure he has some performance that looks totally awesome, like Godfather, 300 St Petersburg, Tango amore, and such, boy I just couldnt list them all o_0

Even he makes me forget to update news about JJ =)) But dont worry, my walls is still dbsk of course ^^
...but my avatar is Zhenyaaaa ♥♥♥

Ok then, that's it for now, bubye :D

**off to do other homeworks... -___-**


...err...does anyone knows how to delete such an idiot old entry? hhahahahhaah Dx Dunno what the hell am I thinking those days...
oh well....

I'm trying to start using my LJ again (well,...before just using this to read dbsk fanfics... lol :D)
Classes are getting hard...and somehow these days my body just getting tired so easily, what happen?! o_0 Am I not getting good vitamin/nutrient or sumthing >.<
nah...probably just because tired of college thingy and...well sleep late :D (I blame u guys, the authors of yunjae fics xD)

Here, the winter Olympics pretty everywhere....and that's how I met Yevgenyy Plushenko...and I just love that guy ♥♥♥ no matter what others might say about him >___> I become his fans almost like, immediately! I was just turn on to nbc and saw him walking around (the SP), right that instant I felt the aura....(wth? xDD) and I worship him till now ..well not literally worship but u get what I mean :)

hmm what else..ah, I'm getting busy too, suddenly there are lots of works to do aside from classes in my college, oh boy oh boy .____.
I need JJ dose... :D

Hope my favs authors update their fics already, so I can read it tonight \^0^/





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